The mail-in ballots for redistricting were opened and counted today at the 3B/3C District Meeting. The redistricting proposal did not pass . The vote was 21 Yes and 24 No, from a total of 45 ballots mailed in to District. The District mailed ballots to all 83 Groups Registered in 3B/3C, only 45 were returned.


District 3B/3C is considering redistricting. You can find information here. Please check back frequently for new information.

Proposed Boundaries

Sharing Session Comments

Redistricting Slide Show

An Opposing View

Redistricting Flyer

Redistricting Presentation

Intergroup is posting information provided by the redistricting committee so the AA community in Austin has a place to read accurate information throughout the process. Intergroup has no opinion on this matter and is only trying to support what the AA community decides.